When Windows 10 was first introduced, Microsoft allowed users of old versions to upgrade to the latest version for free. They would simply run Windows update and it would prompt them to install the latest version of Windows, free of charge. Once the partitions have been created, you can clicknextwhich will start the installation of Windows. You have two options to choose from, upgrade or custom. By now your computer should be set up for booting off the flash drive and your PC should be restarting. All motherboard BIOS menu’s are different, but ultimately they have the same settings.

Sometimes you just need to quickly share your point of view, and sometimes you need to take multiple screenshots for demonstrating a process. Keeping up with both situations, here are some of my favorite methods to quickly take screenshots in Windows 10. The screen will flash immediately ensuring the user that the screenshot was taken and saved automatically.

Installing on Windows

Arthur Cole is a writer with deep expertise in programming, who can easily… While you may not think about data recovery often, you should. In the Save As dialog box, type your desired file name and select Save. Free-form snip – This mode allows you to draw a free-form shape around an object. By the way, her special focuses are data recovery, partition management, disk clone, and OS migration. Author Linda has been working as an editor at MiniTool for 1 year.

  • Under those options, select Extend from the menu.
  • This does not work if the activities that are being swapped are the same (ie. they’re multi-instance).
  • There are several ways to take a screenshot on Windows 10.
  • We are no stranger to the fact that Windows 11 is an operating system full of features and aesthetic appeal.

This file usually has an “installer” in its name and has the .exe file extension. Once you locate it, double click on it to launch it. If the Windows provided methods can’t help you capture the screenshots well, you can resort to third party apps. Third party integrations are an integral feature for screenshot tools in Windows. They add further functionality to your screen capture such as capturing scrolling screen as well as easy sharing between various work productivity apps. If you want more editing tools, such as the ability to write on your screenshots with different colored pens, try Snip & Sketch.

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For additional features there are share, print, copy, add text, give a marker, and others. In terms of small size, it is only 4MB and supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Macintosh. After you select the image and save it by clicking on the diskette icon or logo, save it according to the format provided namely PNG, JPEG, and BMP. Following the steps below I have discussed how to take a screenshot on the Asus laptop. Simply position your mouse to the corner of the area you’d like to capture, click it, hold and drag until the entire area is selected then let go. Your keyboard should have a Print Screen key, and it’s easy Driversol Drivers to find.

Be aware that this option is only available when the ‘Load From’ option is ‘Local system – current user’. Also, in order to delete uninstall items on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, you have to run UninstallView as administrator. If you have shadow copies on your system, you can watch the installed programs list from the day that the shadow copy was created. UninstallView loads the uninstall information from external hard drive plugged to your computer.

To confirm that you really want to uninstall the app. If you’ve changed your mind, simply click away.After doing this, the app will disappear from the list and be uninstalled. Click on an app to see the options Move and Uninstall. For Windows 10 apps too, type the name of the app in the taskbar search. PowerShell helped me here to remove or uninstall the modern Universal application Word from my Windows 10 laptop. Remember to run the PowerShell with Administrative access.